Make an Impact with your Brand with Our Custom Label Printing

Impact Label can create beautiful and consistent branded custom labels for any business. We offer a wide array of substrates for every printing need, as well as multiple printing options. With our durable substrate and protective finishing options, we have the superior products and services to show off your custom label branding. When identifying your brand, it is imperative to be consistent across all applications and here at Impact Label, we can do just that. We know that creating lasting and durable labels is just as important as the aesthetics. With our expertise, we can help you choose what is best for you and your business.

Substrate and Finishing Options

Effective labeling is more than just printing ink onto a substrate, it is also about what comes after the printing process. A great way to improve and add functionality to your custom label is to add a finishing technique. Our finishing options include adhesives, die-cutting, laminating, domed capping, foil stamping, spot gloss/UV coating, and embossing or debossing. For custom branding, our substrate options are vinyl, polyester, and metallic (reflective, high visibility options).

Printing Options

Flexographic Printing is a great option because it can be printed on multiple substrate options such as metallic film, vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, and paper. This type of printing is perfect for large printing orders because it is designed to do big runs at high speeds. Common applications for our flexographic printing are food and beverage packaging labels.

Industrial Screen Printing is one of the most versatile and best tested methods for printing and producing custom labels. Screen Printing can be used on nearly all substrates and creates clear, crisp imagery for your brand identification needs.

Digital and Variable Printing is used for general printing requirements. This type of printing tends to be aimed towards smaller batches of items. This printing also gets rid of tool and die costs, so it can go into production sooner. Our high-quality digital printers are utilized by several fortune 500 companies to produce prototypes as a part of their production development.

Offset Printing is used when a project requires small type, fine detail, and large quantity templates or labels. It is a popular method for when you need your image to have all the details in exact precision with the branding that you need to be portrayed. This type of printing can be used on a wide array of substrates such as, vinyl stickers, polyesters, Tyvek, and paper.

When choosing a branding option for your business, let us help you decide! Choose Impact Label for your custom label printing and substrate requirements.