Membrane Switches And Graphic Overlays

From microwaves and power tools to medical devices, membrane switches and graphic overlays are everywhere around us. They help us navigate and interact with products everyday. The design of membrane switches and graphic overlays are essential to providing an intuitive user experience. 

What is a Membrane Switch?

A membrane switch acts as a physical human-machine interface that connects a device to the end user. It can incorporate tactile or non-tactile buttons, LEDs, illumination, printed graphics, LCDs and displays. In many cases, the overlay will have a double-sided adhesive on the back to allow bonding to a surface.

Tactile membranes have domed buttons that provide tactile feedback to the user when the button is pressed. Depending on the feedback required, these small dome buttons can last for millions of cycles. Buttons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs.

Non-tactile membrane switches will normally have a flat hard surface to press the button. They will typically have an LED or some type of indicator to tell the user the button switch activated. 

What is a Graphic Overlay?

A graphic overlay is a graphic layer that is printed on a polymer substrate, usually created through silk screen or digital printing. The materials and design you ultimately choose will depend on who is using your product, and the environment it will be exposed to.

Importance of Graphic Overlays to Membrane Switches

When it comes to membrane switch design, there are many options to choose from and finding the right design depends on the user’s end application. The graphic overlay is typically the first part of the device that the user notices and helps the user identify how to control the device. They also impact your design and branding. Here are some reasons why graphic overlays are important to membrane switches.


1. Brand Awareness

Graphic overlays allow you to appeal to your audience by displaying your brand logo, colors, and style. A well-designed and high-quality graphic overlay will speak volumes about your products and brand in general. The design of your overlays will enhance customer recognition, loyalty, and brand equity.


2. Better User Interface

The design you choose should be related to the user and provide features that will improve its functionality.Make sure your graphic overlays are comfortable to the touch, are legible and easy to operate. You can use raised buttons or embossed features for an easy to navigate interface and better user experience.


3. Lighting

Backlighting is essential if you want to make your membrane switch design more visible to users. Design your icons or buttons cautiously so they can be lit from behind, even if your overlay is not illuminated. Use an LED display to show tasks such as on and off, up and down, or a number keypad.


4. Durability

With the right features for your graphic overlays, your membrane switches will last for many years. The overlay you choose should protect your products against a variety of weather conditions and other harsh environments. Durability is a must for products used in different industrial settings.

Membrane Switches And Graphic Overlays From Impact Label

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