Print Large Quantities with Flexographic Printing from Impact Label

If you need to print large quantities of labels quickly and at an affordable price, flexographic printing is an excellent option. Labels using a flexographic printing method are printed with the use of a flexible printing plate that transfers the image on the chosen substrate as it moves through fast moving cylinders. At Impact Label, we produce flexographic (sometimes referred to as flexo) labels on a variety of substrates that include metallic film, vinyl, polyester, polypropylene, and paper. In this post, we will discuss flexographic printing and why it may be the right option for your custom labels or vinyl stickers.

When should I use flexographic printing for my custom labels or stickers?

Flexographic printing for your custom labels is a great choice if you have high volume orders as flexographic printing presses are designed to produce large quantities at high speeds without sacrificing quality. At Impact Label, we use state-of-the-art, expertly maintained equipment. In fact, our flexographic printing presses are capable of running at over 500 feet per minute.  However, in most cases custom labels are printed by our presses at about 150 feet per minute. While these flexographic printing is versatile, our most common applications include food and beverage packaging and warning labels.

What are Impact Label’s flexographic printing capabilities?

Our flexographic printing presses can produce labels that are as small as 0.25” x 0.25” or as large as 9” x 21” on a variety of substrates! Depending on your specifications, you have the option to have your flexo labels produced in roll form or fan-folded.

At Impact Label, we are proud to have over 55 years in the custom printing and label production industry. If you have any questions about flexographic printing or any of our other printing capabilities, do not hesitate to contact us!