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Sling Tags: Critical Information to Keep Workers Safe

Sling tags contain the crucial information on the working load and lifting capacities for wire rope slings. An OSHA requirement, these tags keep workers safe by quickly providing sling tolerances to ensure that a sling is not used beyond its capacity. Often used in industrial applications where many environmental influences come into play – durability, and visibility are key considerations in the production of these tags.

Impact Label has been providing durable, wear-resistant tags to the wire rope and sling industry for decades. We pride ourselves on producing a tag that will identify lifting capacities and features for the life of your product. Our wire rope sling tags are produced in a variety of colors – including high-visibility colors – to ensure that your safety information is easily identifiable. We create tags in various shapes, sizes, and material strengths that perform in almost any environment where your slings are put to the test.

Our new adjustable tags provide an economical way to purchase tags for multiple product sizes. These innovative tags will fit three different sling or wire rope sizes with a single tag.