An Overview of Impact Label’s Custom Label Products

Graphic overlays

Used in a number of industries including medial devices and industrial equipment, graphic overlays function as not only an interface that instructs users on how to operate your equipment, but also a way to represent the quality of your product and reinforce your brand.

Product identification

Product identification labels are perfect for sharing necessary information with your consumers, retailers, and more. These labels contain information such as serial numbers, maintenance schedules, and barcodes that allow products to be easily scanned, inventoried, and tracked.

Brand identification

Effectively identifying and reinforcing your brand is one of the most important things you can do for your business. While the look of your custom label is extremely important, you must also consider how important durability is for your label. Depending on your needs, Impact Label offers a variety of substrate and finishing options to showcase your brand.

Regulatory and safety labels

Regulatory and safety labels need to be printed according to exact specifications. These labels are designed to communicate critical warnings and safety information. Regulatory and safety labels are often printed on polyester or vinyl in high-visibility colors and wire rope sling tags.

Sling tags

Sling tags, used with wire rope slings, contain important information such as working load and lifting capacities. These tags are an OSHA requirement and must be made with durability and visibility in mind in order to ensure worker safety.


Metal nameplates, available in aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, are designed to withstand the test of time and contain product information, model numbers, safety information, and more. Their durability is of the utmost importance in order to withstand heavy usage and exposure in industrial applications.

Warning labels

Warning labels are incredibly important as they communicate risks that are associated with the use of the item or product. Common words on warning labels include caution, warning, and danger. Warning labels should be durable and are often laminated in order to provide UV resistance and abrasion prevention.