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Nameplates: A Permanent Solution for Permanent Information

Metal nameplates can communicate information that needs to stay with your product for its lifetime, such as product and model numbers, control or dial numbering, safety information, and even your company’s brand. Often used on equipment and in industrial applications, nameplates should provide an extremely durable solution that will withstand heavy usage and exposure.

Impact Label produces durable, high-quality metal nameplates on aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. We have the experience and expertise to help you select the substrate and solution that best fits your needs. Each substrate has its own advantages depending on the environmental factors and influences of your intended application.

  • Aluminum nameplates are strong, lightweight, and inexpensive. Aluminum is great for situations where environmental influences will be minimal.
  • Brass nameplates bring a classic, elegant finish to your product. Brass is a corrosion-resistant material, however, it is susceptible to oxidation. To prevent oxidation, a lacquer top coat can be applied that is ideal for marine applications.
  • Stainless steel nameplates are designed to endure tough environments. They have excellent heat and chemical resistance and are scratch and dent resistant. Stainless steel name plates will thrive in marine or industrial environments and in applications where the name plate will be welded to another metal surface.