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Warning Labels: Promoting Safety and Proper Use

A warning label is a label attached to an item, or contained in an item’s instruction manual, warning the user about risks associated with the use of the item, and may include restrictions by the manufacturer or seller on certain uses. There are many different words used as signal words with the three most often used being “Caution”, “Danger”, and “Warning.” Within a specific hazard class, “Danger” is used for the more severe hazards and “Warning” is used for the less severe hazards. There will generally only be one signal word on the label no matter how many hazards an item may have. All labels are required to have pictograms, a signal word, hazard, and precautionary statements. We can also reference specific weight or use limits for items.

Warning labels can be printed on a variety of materials such as vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate. At Impact Label, we are capable of multiple languages and print using all ANSI colors. We generally recommend an overlaminate to help with abrasion and UV resistance. We produce safety and warning labels for many industries including boating, agricultural equipment, and medical device manufacturers.