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Graphics Overlays: A Hands-On Brand Experience

Graphic overlays serve a critical dual role as the interface from which a device is controlled, as well as the tactile and visual representation of your brand. Often used for control panels or faceplates for products ranging from medical devices to industrial equipment, a well-designed and well-produced graphic overlay can make a product easier to use and convey an unspoken sense of quality.

Impact Label produces graphic overlays on durable substrates with printing and finishing options that provide superior quality and usability. Our overlays can be screen printed or digitally printed on two main types of substrates – polycarbonate and polyester – for effective temperature, chemical, and abrasion resistance. Both materials can have a textured/matte or glossy/clear finish. Polycarbonate also has a brushed finish option. Overlays can be die-cut to any shape and have knock-out openings for features such as knobs and LED displays. They can also utilize embossing to create features such as raised buttons or braille.