The Benefits of Using Sling Tags for Product Identification and Tracking

When equipment manufacturers and other industries need heavy lifting done, that’s where sling tags come into play. 

Slings are used in a wide range of industrial settings and are especially common in construction or shipyards. They are indispensable for their ability to leverage and lift heavy loads. 

Sling tags contain crucial information on the working load and lifting capacities for wire rope slings. They are also important tools for product identification and tracking.

An OSHA requirement, these tags keep workers safe by quickly providing sling tolerances to ensure that a sling is not used beyond its capacity. Often used in industrial applications where many environmental factors come into play, durability, and visibility are key considerations in the production of sling tags.

What information do sling tags provide?

Safety Information and Instructions

Sling tags have very specific information requirements that are crucial to maintaining a safe job site environment. The tags will indicate the load that the rope or chain is capable of supporting, and the type of hitch it is intended for. This assists users in operating the machinery correctly.

Manufacturer Information

Sling tags may include manufacturer information, such as a logo, name, and phone number. This allows users to contact the manufacturer with questions, and can help keep your company top of mind. 

Product Identification

Product identification can help increase operational productivity. When using a sling, the operator can quickly verify the inspection status from the tag. A digitally-enabled tag allows operators to scan the tag to confirm inspection status.

Barcodes for Tracking 

Barcodes provide the ability to scan and track your slings. These tracking labels allow companies to keep track of equipment and their inspection information. This saves time and money when it comes to checking inventory and planning for replacements, and makes the reordering process easier.

Durable Sling Tags for Any Industry

Sling tags are exposed to harsh work environments on a daily basis, meaning durability is an incredibly important aspect. These tags need to withstand extreme temperatures, weather conditions, and hold up to dirt, grime, oil, and general wear and tear.

Impact Label has been providing durable, wear-resistant tags to the wire rope and sling industry for decades. We pride ourselves on producing a tag that will identify lifting capacities and features for the life of your product. 

Our wire rope sling tags are produced in high-visibility colors to ensure that your safety information is easily identifiable. We create tags in various shapes, sizes, and material strengths that perform in almost any environment where your slings are put to the test.

The better your identification solution, the safer your work environment. Contact us for a custom quote.