Your Guide To Designing The Best Custom Label

The packaging of your product provides the first impression to your customers. In fact, research indicates that one-third of consumer purchase choices are based on packaging. A well-designed custom label can have a major influence on the success of your product. Custom labels help you build brand recognition and set you apart from your competition. Here are some tips for designing the best custom label for your product.

Keep It Simple

Custom labels deliver important product information while also assisting in business promotion and product branding. Keep your label design simple, without too much distraction from your message. Custom labels should be designed to match the style and tone of your business and should be consistent with the other branding elements and marketing materials.

Choose Quality Material And Graphics

The type of material chosen for your custom label can have an impact on its overall appeal. The quality of material and graphics play into your product’s ability to capture and hold a buyer’s attention. Invest in high-quality material and graphics that are eye-catching and sharp.

Choose A Readable Font

While extravagant fonts may seem appealing, if the text on your custom label isn’t readable, what’s the point? If it isn’t serving the purpose of delivering important information, a buyer may be discouraged from choosing your product.

Short & Sweet Messaging

You only have a short period of time to grab your buyer’s attention, and they will make a purchasing decision within seconds. Lengthy text on a custom label can be off-putting. Keep your message short and sweet. Deliver the mandatory information along with your brand marketing in a concise and straightforward way. Always double-check the content for spelling mistakes before sending it off for printing.

Strong Adhesives

So you’ve designed your custom label, and it looks beautiful–but will it hold up over time? Poor quality adhesives can cause the label to peel or wear off. Choose the right adhesive durable enough to survive any environmental condition.

Leave A Lasting Impact

With top-of-the-line printing equipment and years of expertise, Impact Label is the best in custom label printing. We provide tailored design solutions for any industry. Learn how we can help your business make a lasting impact by requesting a quote.