The Best in Finishing Techniques for your Custom Label

After Impact Label is done printing your custom labels, we add the finishing touches to your specification. Finishing adds shape, texture, tactility, and functionality to a label. Impact Label has the technology and expertise to apply a variety of finishing techniques to your label. This includes adhesives, die-cuts, embossing, debossing, doming, capping, spot gloss, UV coating, and lamination.

We help you choose the correct adhesive for your label to ensure it stays in place and can withstand the elements over the course of its lifetime.  The type of adhesive for your custom sticker is based on where you plan on placing the label. We provide different adhesives dependent on the material it will be sticking to and how weather resistant you need it to be. We also die-cut labels to virtually any shape and create knockouts within a label for elements such as screens and dials. So, if you need your label cut a certain way, we can do it. The embossing and debossing process adds tactility and texture, producing features such as raised or recessed buttons, braille, and other elements that can help users interact with your product.

The doming and capping process creates glossy coated labels with clear polyurethane resin, which are impervious to water and can withstand extreme temperatures, most cleaning chemicals and salt sprays, as well as short exposures to gasoline and other automotive chemicals. Our doming process allows the surface tension of the base material to prevent the polyurethane from flowing outside the label’s dimensions and allows it to spring back when indented. Once the resin is cured, it forms a clear protective cap or dome over the graphics. Our doming material is automotive grade, mercury-free, UV resistant, non-yellowing, and scratch resistant.

Spot gloss or UV coating provides contrast in the form of isolated areas of high and low gloss. This can be useful for showcasing an important element on a label, such as a logo or your company name. Lamination applies a clear glossy or matte film over a printed product. This provides protection from common hazards such as smudges, grease, and other stains. It also provides durability in the form of structural rigidity. Lamination is a great finishing option for pieces that receive a great deal of use and handling in their lifetime, and for items that are reusable such as instructions, maps, educational materials, emergency signage, and more.

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