The Best Uses Of Graphic Overlays For Your Business

What Is A Graphic Overlay?

A graphic overlay is a film sheet printed with text and designs that serve critical functional or aesthetic purposes for a product. Graphic overlays may indicate how to use the product or convey a brand message. It is important to design and manufacture graphic overlays in a way that fits their intended use and applications. They are generally placed on the outermost layer of a product, and they can be textured to match or contrast with the surface of the product.

Uses For Graphic Overlays 

1.) User Interface

Graphic overlays serve as the face of a product, meaning they are the main component users observe when using it. They are commonly positioned over the product controls, where they provide text or icons that indicate what each control does, such as the power button. The design of a graphic overlay can be enhanced with backlighting and dead fronting elements. Backlighting illuminates the overlay from behind, making certain functions more visible. Dead fronting hides certain functions until they are relevant–for example, a check engine light in a car.

2.) Brand Awareness

Graphic overlays are completely customizable. You can print them with your business’ brand elements and design them to display your company name, logo, or other graphics that match your aesthetic. Designing something unique and creative will help your brand stand out and create brand recognition among customers. 

3.) Product Durability

Graphic overlays can help enhance the durability and lifespan of your product. Graphic overlays must be able to withstand certain operational and environmental conditions, depending on how they’ll be used. They often maintain resistance to chemicals, ultraviolet radiation (UV), and other damaging conditions, which helps protect the product.

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