The Role of Graphic Overlays in Industrial Equipment

Graphic overlays are an important aspect of design when it comes to the development and use of industrial equipment. Graphic overlays act as the front covers of industrial equipment. They can be designed with cut-outs and raised areas as a solution for machines with buttons, LEDs or screens. 

Graphic overlays can be used for both function and style in the development of industrial equipment. They help users interact with products successfully, avoiding misuse or accidents with equipment. 

Here are some common scenarios when graphic overlays a valuable labeling solution for your industrial equipment.

1. Instructions 

Graphic overlays can be printed with clear operating instructions to guide use and avoid mistakes. Clearly marking controls will ensure that the operator is aware of any buttons that move sensitive and expensive pieces of machinery. The instructions can be designed to be clearly read in all types of environments and conditions.

2. Safety 

With the use of heavy machinery in fields like construction and manufacturing, safety is the number one priority. Graphic overlays add an element of safety to industrial equipment by clearly indicating which buttons complete which functions to guide proper use. They also make the equipment easier to use, which in turn creates a safer working environment.

3. Durability 

Graphic overlays are highly durable, and can be designed to make a product scratch-resistant, flame retardant, UV stabilized, or anti-glare. Ensuring durability allows products to last longer and protect users for the long-term.

4. Product Warnings  

With graphic overlays, you can design product warning labels to be eye-catching and apparent, so that users are aware of how to operate the machinery safely.

5. Brand Recognition

Graphic overlays can also be used for brand recognition. You have the ability to feature your company’s name and logo, and to be creative with your design. This creates a lasting impression on all who use your industrial equipment.

Graphic overlays serve a critical dual role as the interface from which a device is controlled, as well as the visual representation of your brand. A well-designed graphic overlay can make a product easier to use and convey quality.

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