Guidelines For Printing Custom Warning Labels

No matter what product your business sells, whether it’s food, medicine, electronics, or equipment, custom warning labels are crucial to the safety of your customers. The message communicated will depend on the product your business sells. The primary benefit of custom warning labels is to provide consumers with directions, usage, and safety precautions.

Warning labels not only keep customers aware of potential hazards but also protect your business from liability. Manufacturers can be held liable in court if their product’s warning label is found to be ineffective. Litigation is a real threat to you and your business if your warning labels fail to protect users. Custom warning labels are more effective as they provide specific information about your product that generic labels do not.

Guidelines for Custom Warning Labels

1.) Informative – Product warning labels are required to inform consumers of instructions for use, as well as any potential risks or side effects of use.

2.) Noticeable – The label must be noticeable and easy to access. Pay attention to the size and placement of the label, so your customer can see it right away.

3.) Bold ColorsOSHA has established color guidelines for communicating with color. Warning labels are typically printed in red, orange, or yellow because they imply caution and danger.

4.) Easy To Understand – Customers must understand your messaging in order for your custom warning label to be effective. Write messages with simple words and straightforward language, and use universal symbols that will be understood by anyone.

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