How Label Design For Products Is Essential To Your Brand

Product labels are on everything we buy, so it takes a lot to stand out to your customers. Label design for products is essential to making your brand stand out from the competition. 60% of consumers make buying decisions based on the packaging and labeling of a product. The label for your product can make or break your brand’s strategy and long-term success. Here are just a few ways your product label can support your brand and drive sales.

Eye-Catching Graphics

When designing a label for your products, you want something that will help your product stand out from competitors when it’s on the shelves. Choose a design that is eye-catching yet professional. When it comes to shapes and colors, use ones that match your brand voice and tone. Products that appear professionally and thoughtfully designed help gain customer trust and communicate your product’s quality.

Important Information

Labels for products are a place to display important information. A branded label communicates critical information like nutrition, ingredients, directions, and warnings. Be clear in your messaging and answer consumers’ questions right away. Make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for.

Playing With Color

Research shows that 75% of snap judgments about consumer products are based on color. Different colors will influence mood or carry emotional connotations. Consider what you’re trying to make your customers feel when they see the label for your product the first time.

Show Your Personality

Labels for products allow your brand personality to shine through different types, fonts, textures, and colors. Embrace innovative product label trends to help your voice stand out and intrigue your potential customers. Make sure the vibe of your label accurately reflects your product’s intended use.

Leave A Lasting Impact

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