The Benefits of Using Nameplates for Industrial Equipment

Metal nameplates are a type of labeling commonly used for industrial equipment. They provide a way for businesses to display identification labels and messages, as well as stay compliant with state and federal laws and regulations.

Nameplates communicate information that needs to last for your product’s lifetime, such as product and model numbers, control or dial numbering, safety information, and even your company’s brand. Often used on equipment and in industrial applications, nameplates should provide an extremely durable solution that will withstand heavy usage and exposure.

From construction and manufacturing to food service and transportation, metal nameplates are a staple in a wide range of industries. Here are some of the benefits of using nameplates for industrial equipment. 

Promotes Safe Usage 

Compliance with industry health and safety standards is extremely important, especially in environments like construction sites and manufacturing plants where machinery, chemicals, and heavy industrial equipment are in use. If an employee is injured due to unsafe working conditions, your company will face financial and legal consequences.

With the help of identification labels, users will be aware of how to operate machines and the dangers to look out for when operating industrial equipment, such as its voltage, temperature, or lifting capacity. Investing in quality metal nameplates to serve as safety and warning labels helps protect workers’ health and safety.

Identification Labels

Nameplates act as identification labels on industrial equipment, tools, parts, etc. They are the most durable and secure labeling method, designed to last the lifetime of your product. By printing a metal plate with serial numbers, part numbers, or barcodes, you can meet identification needs while ensuring that the crucial information does not fade away. Your company will also remain compliant with all regulatory requirements.

Tracking and Inventory Processes

Managing inventory can be challenging, but identification labels makes the process easier. With machine-readable barcodes and serial numbers on machinery and equipment, asset tracking and inventory control processes become more efficient and accurate. 

Branding Tool

Unique branding allows your company to stand out from the competition while staying top of mind for customers. Metal nameplates that contain your brand name and logo can be an effective and visually appealing marketing tool to boost brand awareness. 

Metal Nameplates For Any Industry

Metal nameplates play a vital role in keeping your products legally compliant while ensuring that your customers have the product and safety information they need. Impact Label produces durable, high-quality metal nameplates on aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. We have the experience and expertise to help you find the solution that best fits your needs. Contact us for a  custom quote.