Polyester Vs. Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays

When you’re choosing the material for your graphic overlay project, your main two options will be polyester and polycarbonate. Each material has its own advantages, and there are several factors to take into consideration before deciding. Here are some of the differences between polyester and polycarbonate graphic overlays.

Polyester Graphic Overlays

Polyester is one of the most widely used plastics ever, and is the most durable material for graphic overlays. It can typically withstand about 1 million switch actuations before beginning to break down. You can also add a hard coating to enhance the strength and durability of a polyester graphic overlay, and the surface is consistently textured and glossed. 

Polyester is highly weatherproof and resistant to general wear and tear, making it ideal for harsh, outdoor environments. The material is resistant to many external factors, including chemicals, temperature, abrasion, and more. This type of overlay is commonly used in industrial, medical, and consumer goods products.

Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays 

Polycarbonate graphic overlays offer several unique benefits that may make it the best choice for your specific application. One of the most significant advantages of this material is flame resistance and high heat tolerance. Additionally, it is abrasion-resistant, and hard-coating finishes can also be added to polycarbonate graphic overlays to improve surface durability.

Polycarbonate also offers visual and production advantages. The material is easy to print on and comes in a broader range of thicknesses, texture, and finishes. Polycarbonate graphic overlays are used in various industries, including aerospace, automotive, industrial, and safety products. Because polycarbonate has an expected life of 100,000 actuations, it is best if you are more concerned about appearance than long-term durability for your product.

Impact Label Polyester and Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays

When deciding between polyester and polycarbonate graphic overlays, consider the durability requirements, environmental factors, design requirements, and visual preferences. If you’re still unsure which material is better for your product, our expert team is happy to provide guidance. 

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