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Warning, Regulatory & Safety Labels

Custom Label Printing & Design Solutions

Warning, Regulatory & Safety Labels

Why Choose Us

High-Quality Labels

Never deal with peeling again! Choose from a wide variety of materials with countless finishing and adhesive options.

Custom Label Printing

With top-of-the-line printing equipment and years of expertise, we’re the best in custom label printing.

Design Solutions

We are results-driven and customer-focused, here to craft design solutions specific to your unique needs.


Regulatory & Safety Labels

Regulatory & Safety Labels

Regulatory and safety labels communicate crucial information about protection and certification. They may advise users on proper product usage for hazardous materials and government certifications such as UL®, CE, CSA, and RU. With our custom printing technology, we produce regulatory labels and safety labels to your exact specifications.

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Warning Labels

Warning labels promote the safety and proper use of an item. We specialize in producing warning labels, manufacturer warning labels, and safety warning labels. With Impact Label, you can choose from various materials, colors, and print in multiple languages. We use an over-laminate to help with abrasion and UV resistance, extending the life of your custom warning labels.

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Leave A Lasting Impact

Founded in 1964, Impact Label strives to provide innovative design solutions to your problems. We produce domed labels, graphic overlays, safety and warning labels, and more. Unlike other label printing companies, we believe that success doesn’t come from simply having the right printing equipment—it’s about having the knowledge and experience to truly exceed our clients’ expectations and to solve their unique challenges.

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