Six Advantages of Digital Custom Printing for Your Custom Labels

Digital custom printing removes some barriers to printing and offers many advantages, including quick turnaround, high quality colors and graphics, low cost, short run capabilities, and design flexibility. Using a digital file, images are recreated using dots of ink much like a standard computer printer. In this post, we will take a closer look at these advantages to help you decide if digital custom printing is right for your labels.

Fast turnaround. Because digital custom printing does not require the use of plates, there is a shorter setup time. Digital printing allows your labels to be printed more quickly, so you receive your custom labels in a shorter amount of time.

High quality. Digitally printed labels are high resolution, offering top-quality graphics and vivid colors that are long lasting.

Low cost. With digital printing, there are no tool and die costs and less time is needed which lowers the cost of the labels.

Short runs. Digital custom printing is great for short runs of custom labels as the cost / benefit is maximized with limited quantities, and you can order the number of labels that you actually need instead of a larger quantity to get a lower price.

Variable data capability. Digital printing allows for variable data to be added to your custom label. Variable data can include things like static or sequential numbering, barcodes, and QR codes.

Digital prototyping. Because of the lack of tooling required, a digital label is an excellent option for producing a digital prototype as part of the product development phase.

At Impact Label Corporation, we have more than fifty years of custom printing experience, providing labels for a wide range of industries. If you’re in need of lower costs, short runs, quick turnaround, or variable data capability, digital custom printing may be right for you. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more.