The Importance of Properly Printed Warning Labels

At Impact Label, we print custom labels, warnings labels, vinyl labels, and more with our wide variety of printing options. We understand that labels need to be clear, concise, and visually appealing so customers know what they are looking at right away – especially with warning labels. That is why at Impact Label, we utilize digital, silk screen, hot stamp, offset, and flexographic printing to create a product that will exceed your expectations. Our product lines include vinyl, polyester, thermal and domed labels, graphic overlays, and metal and plastic nameplates. Many of our labels are made to handle extreme conditions.

Warning Labels

A warning label is a label that warns the user about the risks associated with the use of the item, and typically will include restrictions by the manufacturer or seller on certain usage. Properly printing warning labels is imperative to ensure safety and convey the best use etiquette of the product. That is why at Impact Label, we go over your printing specifications with you such as the ink type and material required.

Three of the most often uses words on warning labels are Caution, Warning, and Danger. Each resides within a specific hazard class with Danger used to describe severe hazards and Warning for the lesser hazards. There is usually only signal word on the label, no matter how many hazards an item may have. All warning labels must have a pictogram, signal word, hazard level, and a precautionary statement regarding the product. We can also add specific weight or use limits for your item’s warning labels as well.

At Impact Label we offer vinyl, polyester, and polycarbonate as our most used material for printing warning labels. If you would like to print it on a different material, do not hesitate to ask us about the best printing options for your warning label. We are capable of multiple languages and can print using all ANSI colors. When printing warning labels, we recommend an overlaminate to help with abrasion and UV resistance. Some industries that we provide warning labels for are boating, agricultural equipment, medical devices, and more. Some examples of warning labels are those for Flammable, Infectious Substance, Combustible, Radioactive, Corrosive, and Cargo Only.

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