The Importance of Choosing the Right Label Material

Choosing the right label material makes all the difference when it comes to product labeling. When you use the wrong label material or adhesives, you put your company at risk for incorrect, damaged, or missing labels. If your operation must meet certain regulatory compliance standards, you could face fines or put the safety of your employees in jeopardy. Here are some reasons why selecting the right label material is important, especially in industrial settings.

1. Durability

Label durability is a crucial factor, particularly for manufacturing and construction companies. Depending on the conditions in which the label will be used, you may need a material that can withstand exposure to water, UV light, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Neglecting to prioritize label durability can result in the label fading, smudging, or peeling, which will affect the readability. This puts workers at risk as they operate heavy industrial machinery.

2. Adhesion

The adhesion of a label is critical to ensure that it stays in place on your product. Depending on the surface of the product, you may need a label material with a strong adhesive to ensure that it does not peel off or fall off over time. On the other hand, some products may require a label that can be easily removed without leaving any residue.

3. Compatibility

An important aspect of product labeling is compatibility. Select a label material that is compatible with the printing method you plan to use. For example, some label materials may not work well with certain types of printers, which can result in poor print quality or smudging.

4. Aesthetics

The label material you choose will affect the overall look and feel of your product. For example, you may want a label material that produces a glossy or matte finish. Communicate with your product labeling partner about your ultimate vision for the product.

5. Cost

The cost of label materials will vary depending on the type and quantity you need. Choosing the right label material can help you stay within your budget while still meeting your product labeling needs.

Durable Labels for Any Industry

At Impact Label, we know that all industries have unique regulations for their labels. We lend our expertise and help you navigate the challenges and specifications of labeling for your field. Together, we create a high-quality and durable label that stands the test of time and reflects your brand. Contact us to schedule a consultation.